Current Group

L to R: Seongon Jang, Peng Lan, Chris Evans, Yingying Chen, Ellie Porath, Junrou Huang, Grant Sheridan, Guangxin Lv, Bhaskar Soman

Principal Investigator

Christopher M. Evans

Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Research Lab, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

202A MSEB, 217-300-9949

2014-2016 Postdoc, UC Santa Barbara

2013-2014 Postdoc, UC Berkeley

2013 PhD in Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University

2008 Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, U of MN


Sirui Ge

PhD from University of Tennessee

Graduate Students

Yingying Chen

PhD Student, Materials Science and Engineering

Samyak Chordia

PhD Student, Materials Science and Engineering

Junrou Huang (coadvised with P. Braun)

PhD Student, Chemistry

Seongon Jang (coadvised with C. Schroeder)

PhD Student, Materials Science and Engineering

Peng Lan (coadvised with D. Cahill)

PhD Student, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Yu-Hsuan Tsao

PhD Student, Materials Science and Engineering

Undergraduate Students

Steven Endres

Montse Solis

Ray Tsai


Undergraduate Students

Maryanne Derkaloustian (grad student, University of Delaware)

Kevin Halloran (now at Leeward Renewable Energy)

Patricia Mata (now at UN&UP)

Victoria Nahmod Alvarez (now at Carbon 13)

Naisong Shan (now grad student University of Chicago)

Graduate Students

Jennifer Huang (now at Intel)

Guangxin Lv (now postdoc at MIT)

Laura Porath (now postdoc at ETH-Zurich)

John Shen (now at Opus 12)

Grant Sheridan (now at Covestro)

Bhaskar Soman (now at Applied Materials)

Qiujie Zhao (now at Capacitor Sciences)